Sharepoint Dll Replace in GAC without deployment

Hi Friends,

Well, who and all working in Sharepoint webparts or dlls, we have faced issue while development like for each small code behind changes we need to deploy the code (or) publish the code. It will kill our deployment time.

Instead of that we can find the dlls in GAC and can change the particular dll and do the IIS reset.

Quick Steps:

Finding and Replacement of DLL:

  1. Build the application and copy the dll inside bin (if you don’t find the bin then click show all files or open folder in file explorer)
  2. Navigate to GAC … in Run (ctrl+R) please enter the path
  3. a. In SharePoint 2010 path is  “c:\windows\assembly”b. SharePoint 2013 : “c:\windows\\assembly
  4.  “C:\windows\\assembly\GAC_MSIL” –> in this path you can directly find the web as well as libraries
  5. Click on the web or class libraries folder,can see the folder starts like “v4.0_1.0.0.0_” (note: Based on the framework version)
  6. Open the folder and you can find the dll of the web application.
  7. Rename the existing dlls or delete it and paste your dll which you copied from bin


  1. open run (ctrl+r)
  2. type “cmd” and hit enter key
  3. type “iisreset” and hit enter

Now you can browse the application and you can change your changes without deploy the code.


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